Hijacking the #CannesLions madness via a #humblebrag Vine

What’s the best way to get the news out and industry excited about an award win? In the case of Frank PR, the award was a Cannes Lion for the team’s work on Durex’s #fundawear video campaign, which quickly went viral following launch, showcasing the possibilities of tech on sexy times!

With the win already generating news in local industry media (mUmBRELLA, The Australian, AdNews, B&T etc), it was time for a little creative celebration, which came in the form of a social #humblebrag.

As part of my short-term appointment with the FPR team, I was in the midst of rebooting the team’s social media platforms, content and strategy, and decided to look at Vine as a creative means to share the news of the team’s success. Using stop-motion animation following an in-depth review of leading Vine artists and techniques, I developed and posted the below, that was later picked up by international marketing media on the ground at #canneslions including Brand Republic, Campaign UK and PR Week UK.

A cute and cunning tactic to get another moment in the spotlight 😉

#soblessed right!?

Note: This post has been backdated for the purposes of the blog portfolio.

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