Evolved PR PRofessionals – Speak to the New Experts

In a special PR profiling series, Conversation by Design will be inviting its readers (i.e you!) to engage with a few members of Sydney’s PR community who have made the evolution from traditional to digitally-connected PR practitioners.

We’re currently working through some technical prep to make this happen (and hoping to host this in real time via Google Hangouts!), but to start, we thought it would be best to check in with the UTS Rethinking Media course community to see what you’d like to learn from professionals who’ve managed to evolve their skills.

phonedudeDo you want to know what sorts of digital projects their working on? Skills they’d recommend new practitioners develop? Their opinions on the future of media? We want this series to help develop a practical understanding of what’s required in today’s job market when considering these new digital PR and media skills. We invite you to share your questions and queries to share in our Hangout sessions!

Share your questions in the comments below and add us to your Blogroll for the latest Hangout dates and times!


One response to “Evolved PR PRofessionals – Speak to the New Experts

  1. My questions:
    importance of images?
    text on its own the best?
    how to overcome technophobes’ resistance to * gulp * entering the world of the blog and not tumbling into a deep abyss
    how to turn your starter conversation into dialogue!

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