Old Spice NZ: The viral your video could spread like

Remember Old Spice man? Launched in 2010, the campaign took a suave, chiseled actor Isaiah Mustafa took the social web and social media marketing by storm with a inherently social campaign that got the web to think about the possibilities of being just like the man in the ad – Old Spice, the man your man could smell like. Cleverly seeking to change the buyer behaviour of the target audiences by influencing women (or equally the male partners!) around the positive effects using Old Spice would have in making their partner sexier and more fulfilling to all their needs, the campaign was a web and marketing sensation.

Three years on, Old Spice man is still referred to as one of the first breakthrough, inherently social media brand campaigns. Users clicked on the videos, shared the content, flocked to become part of the story with direct questions and requests to Old Spice man (that were later made into direct response videos!). With Old Spice launching its shower gel products in New Zealand and Australia at present, mUmBRELLA have just reported that Christiaan Van Vuuren (of Bondi Hipsters fame) is bringing Old Spice man out of retirement to lure Aussie and Kiwi women, to lust after “the man your man could smell like”.

For PRs and digital marketers, this prompts the question – Has the ship sailed on the Old Spice idea, or will the idea still be fresh and sharable enough with the local reboot? Will Isiah Mustafa and his chiseled abs prompt Aussie and Kiwi women to guide their men to shower Old Spice style? Let us know in the comments below!


One response to “Old Spice NZ: The viral your video could spread like

  1. I think this idea is a good one. The fact they rested the campaign for a while and then revamped it is a good thing. People get sick of seeing the same thing again and again – even if they initially think it’s funny. People have been reminded of how much they liked the first ad and I think that is a positive nostalgia. It’s definitely very sharable – it’s funny, silly, unpredictable, random (‘drop bear rugby catch’?!?!) and unique.

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