Traditional media gets punk’d…by a twerker

In theory, the best YouTube content comes from brilliant acts of serendipity…when life becomes theatre or a silly accident becomes one of those laugh-out-loud moments that you have to share. A friend sees the post on Facebook, comments and shares, their friends like, comment and reshare It’s all a big laugh and everyone’s on on the joke. Or so we think.

YouTube’s stars have increasingly been hitting the mainstream and becoming part of the news and mainstream entertainment. A few weeks back, American late-night host Jimmy Kimmel invited a young lady by the name of Caitlin Heller to his show, following her rise to fame as the star of a twerking session gone wrong. The video made news across TV networks and major online news outlets including The Huffington Post, E! Online, with the video’s star even reported as having suffering from third degree burns as a result of the twerking gone wrong.

So, far it’s all sticking to viral formula. Young person shares a video of a funny accident or special talent on YouTube, the web picks it up, the social masses share and amplify the content via social media. Mainstream media catch on, tweak and dramatize the story and it becomes news. The five minutes of fame commence.

But is that really all there is to it? Watch the video below, to see how social media tools are punking traditional media structures.

How does this make you feel as a media consumer? Duped or amused? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

One response to “Traditional media gets punk’d…by a twerker

  1. There’s still no magic formula in creating a viral video (although I love it when I overhear the magic words; “I want to make this video viral”.)

    There’s definitely some key tags in the majority of videos though:

    Funny (both light and dark humour)

    I’ve just realised that these are all emotions that we can all recognise within.

    It would be interesting to see the life cycle of the twerking video, would provide great insights!

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