#PRHangout: Meet Matthew Gain, Edelman PR Worldwide

Returning for its second episode, Conversation by Design spoke to Matthew Gain, General Manager for Edelman Sydney. Matt helps to lead a team of over 70 consultants at the Edelman Sydney team; bringing to the role extensive experience in both consultancy and in-house communications. Prior to his appointment at Edelman as General Manager, he held the roles of Group Director – Consumer and Digital, and worked at leading agencies including Weber Shandwick and Ogilvy PR. Adding a client-side role at Microsoft UK to his impressive career history, Matt has helped to manage the reputations of major brands including Xbox, Microsoft Consumer, eBay, Vodafone, Telstra and Samsung.

In today’s hangout, Matt chats about Edelman’s response to the changing media landscape with teams dedicated to content, strategy and more traditional PR management, in addition to the upskilling, reskilling and new skills that are being brought into the firm due to these changes. He speaks about the continued relevance of traditional PR, but the emerging importance and power of social and content in PR strategy. Citizen journalism, the power of bloggers and online influencers are also discussed as the new power brokers in this changing media landscape.

This session took place at 7pm AEST, Wednesday 9 October on Sarah’s Google Hangout.

Do Matt’s comments reflect your experience in this changing media landscape? What changes are you seeing in your agency or workplace as a result of the media evolution Matt discusses in the session? Tell us in the comments below!

4 responses to “#PRHangout: Meet Matthew Gain, Edelman PR Worldwide

  1. Hi Sarah,
    This didn’t have any sound for me? But from my internal comms perspective the media evolution really has an impact. Not even 2 years ago we distributed our internal magazine to all 900 stores. Now, our magazine has its own twitter page and online version! We also get more issues with everyone being their own blogger as such. The ‘Woolies Memes’ facebook page has tens of thousands of likes and people submit their own scathing memes about the company – makes for internal comms issues that we never had traditionally! Emily

  2. Hi Emily!

    Just checked and the sound should be working now (hopefully!) The trials of learning Google Hangouts 😉

    Your comments around developments like the “Woolies Memes” pages and such – Who manages those in your organisation? External comms / PR, or do you have a specific social media team? If you find they are unauthorised and created by Woolies staff members, do you have to shut them down? Exciting on one hand, a headache on the other 😉

  3. Hi Sarah – the sound worked fine for me. How interesting to see a ‘live’ PR person talk about who so many of us have been reading about, and some of us have / are experiencing in our work lives.
    To answer your question: the experience I have had has been watching the traditional media dry up (and by this I am actually referring mostly to rural / regional press and obviously some metro. While I cannot claim to quite be in the ‘third age’ that Matt talks about, his idea that there is a need to create innovative advertising solutions is something that most PR people must be feeling. iEven if you aren’t ostensibly about ‘advertising’, but about publicising and promoting your product or your client, the drop in ‘active’ media interest has been sharp and will force some desperate measures to try and compensate. Social Media will be a very necessary to build these audiences. The PR Hangout has been a great idea! IMC

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