The best PR goes straight to the Pool Room

Pool Room [pool-room, -room]

Definition (noun): Australian slang; a repository of treasured objects, saying that something is “going straight to the pool room” means that it is worthy of treasuring and preserving. (From the 1997 film The Castle) – Source, Urban Dictionary

In the development of Conversation by Design, I’ve kept coming across fantastic examples of comms, digital and media campaign activity that despite a quick tweet, still feel that it needs a shout-out to really showcase and celebrate how awesome it is! The best in digital, social and PR might win a Cannes Lion, a Golden Target or a PR Week Award, but in the words of Darryl Kerrigan, true recognition of a special piece of work is if its “going straight to the pool room” 😉

Seen any cool work lately that you think deserves a moment in the spotlight? Share links in the comments below or contact us with an overview!

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