Sticky Content: Telekinetic Carrie casts her viral spell

If you were managing a content strategy for your company or client, what would success look like to you?

For the social / content / comms team at MGM and Sony Pictures, the whole team must be sharing a few high fives right now after the phenomenal success of the team’s Telekenetic Coffee Shop video. Designed to get people talking about the upcoming relaunch of horror classic Carrie; the video brings supernatural capabilities to the real world and shocks a group of unsuspecting cafe visitors.

So…what makes this so special, you might ask. This is an awesome example of viral content.

When I shared this video with my office the day after launch, it had secured just over one million views and had secured traditional media coverage in Variety, Business Insider,, New York Post and amongst others.

Checking now and just under two weeks later, and the video is at just over 40 MILLION VIEWS, plus:

  • Facebook: 816,831 likes, 654,504 shares, 343,830 comments
  • Google+: 49,817 +1’s
  • Twitter: 13,229 mentions
  • Pinterest: 22 pins
  • LinkedIn: 2,505 shares (this much viral vid sharing on a professional network!?)

Source: SharedCount

Further media coverage and attention has spread to Mashable, Gizmodo, The Daily Mail…event local trade mag B&T!

Great content that’s was undoubtedly supported by a seeding and paid media strategy to support. What makes this so clever (and got it spreading organically so fast) is ultimately the value of the content. Unusual, engaging and something you want to talk to your friends about, making it inherently social and sticky.

This is viral content well done – Nice work Sony and MGM!


4 responses to “Sticky Content: Telekinetic Carrie casts her viral spell

  1. Great post and very timely, I was chatting about this to a friend of mine on Friday evening over some vino. It reminded me of the Blair Witch Project back in times and surprisingly the web site is still up! The promotion at the time ramped up the
    pseudo fact that it was real primarily to their website to create interest back then. Carrie’s promotion video reminded me of their ability to tap onto the fear of the unknown / the strange via digital but in a more sophisticated way.

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