#Mamming: Cause-related Meme-ing

In recent years we’ve seen planking, vadering, Grumpy Cat, TextsfromHillary, as a few examples of the big viral trendsetters of the web. Brands are often the first to jump onto these web fads, peppering these meme stories into conversation calenders across their social platforms (How many versions of the Harlem Shake did you see!?) But how often is a meme created to do good and make a genuine difference?

Introducing #Mamming.

Designed to put the spotlight on “the awkwardness of mammograms”, the web’s latest meme #Mamming was designed by two advertising creatives in New York (one who was a breast cancer survivor). Designed with the objective of cutting through the clutter of pink endorsements and advertising during Breast Awareness Month, #Mamming asks women to “lay your boobs on stuff”, much like a mammogram.

Sounds a bit weird and awkward? That’s the whole idea!

Michelle Lamont, one of the two founders who at just 25 was diagnosed with breast cancer, has become a passionate advocate of breast cancer prevention strategies, and helped designed #mamming as a way to deliver a fun and lighthearted call-to-action for women to get their breasts checked:

‘When I was sick, I asked my doctors about a cure – one actually told me that the best cure we have is prevention.

‘Prevention is screening like mammograms and self-exams and they are the best tool we have to catch cancer early, and catching it early is how we beat it.

‘We would love to see mamming become as big on the web as planking and owling. Part of the reason that we love mamming as a vehicle for spreading awareness is because it taps into an existing trend that is really fun and relevant to everyone (Daily Mail – 23 October, 2013)

Over 800 Instagram pics and even more tweets later, traditional media amplification and news have put #mamming centre stage, with appearances across the globe in The Daily Mail, News.com.au, The Conversation, The New York Post, Huffington Post and more. This example, alongside a number of the other digital PR case studies outlined on this blog, highlight the need for creative, contagious content to really succeed in engaging and prompting action from audiences – both on and offlne.

What do you think of #Mamming? Does this fun and humorous approach prompt you to get checked (or encourage the ladies close to you to visit the doctor and get checked)? Don’t be shy – Tell us in the comments below!

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