#BF4AU Launch: Dine with DICE

For this month’s EB Expo, as part of the Naked EA Team, I worked with EA to design and develop a five-course gourmet dining experience for modern military first-person shooter Battlefield 4. Designed to take full advantage of DICE Creative Director Lars Gustavsson’s visit to Australia in the lead-up to the launch of the game, the event was developed to bring the most unique elements of the game to life in a new way for its biggest fans, resulting in the cacophony of flavours and colours that made up Dine with DICE’s five-course degustation session.

ROLE: As agency lead on the project, I led the team in sourcing our degustation designer Karl Firla (of Oscillate Wildly), and entertainment Strings on Fire and speed-painter Brad Blaze. We sourced comedic superstar and geek-at-heart Dave Callan as the show’s MC, rounding out our cast for a night of dining and discussion around the new game.

RESULT: Each “cast member” delivered a custom performance for the “show” – Strings on Fire delivered a custom string interpretation of Battlefield 1942’s soundtrack, Brad Blaze reinterpreted the key cover art of the game in a flaming painting, and Dave Callan brought his gaming experience and passion for the game to the fore, amusing attendees and playing along with Lars’ behind-the-scenes insights that brought each of the five courses to life.

The goal of the event was not focussed on media coverage, but was positioned more as a relationship building opportunity; engaging key core gaming media, community influencers and EA Games’ highest performers. Nevertheless, coverage was achieved in core and community titles including VG247, Stevivor, OXCGN, RawDLC, MCV Pacific and more. Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive, with the Dine with DICE showcase helping Battlefield 4 steal the spotlight amidst the a sea of AAA titles on show at EB Expo 2013.

Watch the Dine with DICE event featurette here:

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