Agile Digital PR II: Ron Burgundy returns for the Melbourne Cup

Regular Conversation by Design readers would recall our callout on the great work of Will Ferrell and Paramount Pictures, localising Ron Burgundy’s news for an Aussie audience, with the Anchorman taking on the news of the Federal Election and the AFL final. Clever, news-agenda led content, that generated conversation not only around the online videos and in social, but became part of the news agenda in traditional media.

One good turn deserves another right? Ron struck gold again this week, with everyone’s favourite Anchorman celebrating the race that stops the nation, and encouraging us to “hold onto our traditions, hold onto them tightly”. Cheeky sharable content that again resonated with traditional media, securing mainstream coverage in Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, MTV, Gizmodo, Ninemsn and more.  Netizens also flocked to the content, with the YouTube video securing more than 140k views in the 24 hours since launch.

Score 2 Paramount Pictures. On your game!

Set for its local box office launch on December 20, how many more news opportunities does Ron have to hijack pre-launch? What news will he take on next? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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