Industry Insight: Australia’s muddled media mosaic

Know your Packers from your Murdochs? Your Rineharts from your Stokes and which mediums, messages and financial/boards they hold control over? As the media job cuts continue, consolidations are pitched and shareholdings increased, you’d be forgiven for not knowing who owns which aspects of Australia’s TV, radio, print, pay TV and digital media landscape. In just a few short years, the landscape has changed drastically.

The following news piece from SBS TV’s Ricardo Goncalves offers a fantasic snapshot summary of the Australian media landscape today. Potentially concerning to see so few control such a major segment of our traditional media outlets, but will be interesting to see how the landscape continues to change as brand and citizen journalism grows, and audiences continue to fragment.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts – Is this consolidated network of media ownership in the interests of an open and objective media industry for Australia? How much disruption do you think these new/social/citizen media formats will have on traditional media structures and players?


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