Tweet no evil – Lessons from mean celebrity tweets

Traditional media players that get social have increasingly been making entertainment magic as they take their talents to the social web. US late night host Jimmy Kimmel has long been regarded as one of these trailblazers, using social media and online comms equally as the subject of his comedy and social discussion, as he has a platform to amplify and grow his audience beyond US broadcast borders.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, started in March 2012, and millions of views and six chapters later has become one of those social gems, where entertainment’s brightest stars recognise some of the meanest and most critical messages shared with them on Twitter. Despite being regarded as some of the most privileged in society, its near impossible not to feel sorry for these stars as they are condemned by trolls of the web.

As explained on the YouTube video overview:

“Some people are cruel and write very harsh things to celebrities on Twitter. What you don’t see when you send a nasty tweet is that it can cause pain. So to raise awareness, and hopefully make people think twice before they post something awful, we’ve once again assembled a group of famous faces to remind everyone that words hurt.”

The insults are often downright strange and a little bizarre (hence why they’ve been selected!), but what makes the videos most intriguing is the emotion and hurt we sometimes see on these famous faces. Mean words can hurt us all!

There’s a lesson for all of us here. Don’t be a troll. Be nice to your fellow Tweeter. Even if they’re a highly successful red-carpet A-lister 😉

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