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speech-bubble-mdAbout Conversation by Design…

Communications professionals work to craft, create and change the way communications are delivered by an organisation or brand. We understand and deliver the strategies and tactics that engage audience and influence behaviour. We help to design conversations that provoke change.

This blog seeks to review and track the way these connections are happening in a new, more connected social media age. The tools and methodologies of professional communications is changing, with exciting, yet challenging roads ahead for both experienced and newer practitioners to navigate. The aim is to learn something new, debate or just join in the conversation about these issues here on Conversation By Design.

Authored by…

Hi! My name is Sarah Creelman, a digital and traditional communications pro with over a decade’s years experience across the entertainment, technology and media industries. I’ve been passionate about technology and communication since I was a kid, developing clip-art laden, kitchy wesbites in FrontPage about my favourite bands, people and pastimes. I managed to turn that passion into a profession, with experience mainly in the tech and digital arena, supporting brands including Presto and FoxtelCBS Interactive (CNET, GameSpot, TV.com, ZDNet) and agency-side for Electronic Arts, Samsung Electronics, 3 Mobile, Fruit Ninja developers Halfbrick, Commonwealth Bank’s digital banking services and more. Outside of work I love TV shows like Black Mirror and Mad Men (working in digital and communications its a given), Buffy and binge-worthy shows like Orange is the New Black…movies, long walks in on the beach, sunsets and cliches.

Please get in touch or share your thoughts in the comments if you have any key thoughts, feedback or ideas from the content shared here on this blog.


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